Friday, May 25, 2007

Culture Shock - Changing Times??

People say it is not right to be judgmental but is it not natural to do so?

Is it a culture shock that I refuse to accept? I am a mod maami of sorts! For those of you who understand what that means- great going and for the rest keep guessing. :P

Why and how do people use each other? Heights of selfishness? Where has the sensitivity disappeared? Is it about morals and ethics or is it an individual choice and desire? Use and throw is the trend of the day!(not to forget having a back-up, back-up in love, ridiculous?!)

To get more specific I am referring to relationships in today's world(India). It's a personal choice agreed....but why do people consciously get into something viewing it as time pass? Fine, you get into it because of the desire and the urge within and also due to other factors like peer pressure(that sounds weird considering people in their late 20's who are expected to be mature also succumb to peer pressure). Alright get into a relation and go with the flow, I agree there is a biological need that one requires to satisfy and I am not saying that getting physically intimate with your partner before marriage(time pass or otherwise) is right or wrong. There is no hard and fast rule.

What beats me is that in our country today, women get physical within a very short span of knowing the guy. God! give me a break, do you even know each other well enough as people? Is that the level of frustration and desperateness or do you call it a natural process? I won't comment on the same on how a guy views it because know matter how much I discuss this with the opposite sex, I can't personally experience how they feel. It seems more like a barter system - you get me gifts and I'll give you fun! I understand that there are instances where there is a very high level of attraction(what they call fire..sparks) between two individuals that things just happen before they even realize what is going on. That is not the kind of case I am referring to. Here the individual is very clear in the head as to what he/she wants from the relation. If it is a no strings attached scenario from both ends - nothing like it.

I don't respect such women and may be men too(I am not excusing men but like I said I am not sure as to how it works for men and hence won't be able to comment). Get to know each other and then take things forward - that's my funda!

Again talking of relationships why is it hard to accept the past of your partner? Why does one refuse to do so? Why are we not sensitive to the others belief, thoughts and feelings? When two mature individuals part ways they can keep in touch - no harm in that, it is absolutely fine as long as the third and fourth individual's in their respective life's do not have a problem. Agreed, that one needs to learn to deal with things and handle one's own issues but that does not mean the other becomes insensitive.

Don't suffocate the other while in a relation, don't impose, don't control and don't possess(we are not objects to be possessed - so a friend of mine says)! Accept the person as he/she is.

Am I making sense at all?

The fact remains that there is no HARD & FAST RULE and this is purely my perception!


vedant said...

Somebody please stop this idiot from wasting others time by forcing them to read useless, stupid waste coming out of where the brain is supposed to be........

God r u there!!!!!!!

Heidi Kris said...

Awesome post! Use and throw is the trend of the day!(not to forget having a back-up, back-up in love, ridiculous?! wonderfully said.

There are two issues in your post, one a relationship for timepass and the other, continuing of past relationship as friends when the third and fourth person joins.

1. Our tradition and customs are lost! Esp. girls have lost their character called modesty.

2. There shouldnt be a problem provided, they maintain the relationship properly and within their limits and dont breach the trust of the third and fourth person in the relationship.