Monday, September 13, 2010

Social Media and me

This is not really about my take on Social Media. I have very mixed feelings and views about Social Media (will save that for later) but this one Expert Speak Session that I did arrange for and had Jessie Paul over at the organization I work for, to talk on Brand Building in the age of Social Media, was possible because of twitter. Social Media sure helps network and share information but I do concur with the HP Labs report that states: 'Having a large number of followers does not imply you are an influencer'. Doesn't one lose one's space and privacy on sites like Facebook, etc?

To say the least, thanks twitter!


Sowmya said...

Going by how the majority of them use these social networking sites, they are a criminal waste of everyone's time.

People leading unfulfilled lives often try to fill the gap with cheap titillation.

shopping, malling, browsing, following celebrity gossip...

Its time to make judgment fashionable and the line 'To Each His Own' seem like a foolish thing.

R-A-J said...

As an after thought: I hated tht lady's session :D