Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mockery in the name of the almighty

This is not about an agnostic like me questioning the existence of God (truth, reality in other words) but I can't help but ask - Is God numerous in number? Is God male or female? Does God believe in 'divide and rule'? Who created the various religions, castes, etc? Has anyone seen or felt God?

The very division of God into religions and cases like the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya only helps further lose sanctity of the divine. Sad to know that man can stoop to such levels just for political advantage. Is this not mere mockery of the supreme at the cost of life's of the general public?

Where are we heading? God help mankind!


Anonymous said...

absolutely. religion is farce if you ask me.

Renita Rajan said...

Religion is nothing but clannishness, a trait we should left behind along with our cave man existence!

Bird Brain in a Judi said...

cant agree more; but my question is more to God men

R-A-J said...

I remember this line frm a mellu movie whr they attempt to define God:

For a hungry man, God is He who buys him gruel...

For a thirsty man, He takes the form of the person who gives him water...

For the loveless, God is the form that gives him love..

ever since, I've believed in two things:

1. God is all around and He is what you make Him to be.

2. Mellu movies r the ultimate sources of wisdom.