Friday, March 12, 2010


Do we(Indians) lack professionalism? Undoubtedly, YES.

It's a small world out there, so many of us know so many others in common. Does that mean we go about discussing someone else's professional and personal lives with people who are not connected? I am not referring to GOSSIP(which is humane and natural).

Scenario1: Common friends may be colleagues in the past, present or future. It is sad to find  A and B(who were colleagues in the past) discussing  X (B and X are now colleagues, while A and X were colleagues in the past but never did A, B and X work together). Cut X, some slack.

Scenario2: A placement agency who is essentially an intermediary between a potential employee and an employer, communicates (amounts to a complaint) to commonly known people(who have whatsoever, no role  in the process) about the candidate not accepting a position.

Oh c'mon, where's your so called 'Professionalism'?

Aren't the HR of an organisation exasperating enough for employees to handle and sustain? We need no more of your kind.

Work-life balance: Do we understand the meaning of this term? Majority of us spend, 9-10hrs a day at work in addition to a minimum of 3hrs a day commuting to and fro work(in a city like Bangalore, especially) in an environment that is no less than a jail. Firewall and other tools in place that do not let you access the internet or any other external sites. Yes, you are there to do your job, yet to be caned and tied up like a dog(how fair is that)?

Even worse, is the concept of vacation. An employee has the right to take vacation. He slogs his ass out and then has to wangle for approval of vacation from his superior.

To Stretch: does it imply efficiency, productivity? Efficiency - from no angle, in my dictionary.

Acknowledgement of Receipt: Why is it only a one way process? Why do organizations/corporates/institutions only collect but refuse to provide 'acknowledgement of receipt' to individuals? An example I can instantly recall:

When an employee leaves an organization he/she has to return the ID card, failing which a certain amount will be deducted during the 'Full & Final Settlement'. While this is acceptable, what supporting evidence does the employee have for having submitted the same? TRUST, eh? Sorry, does not work, NOT ACCEPTABLE. It's about a mere system as against trust in a certain individual. The person accepting the ID card would probably not be with the organisation tomorrow, how will trust help in such a situation? Why don't they get it? Simple logic, ain't it? Even worse, why do majority of us(employees) accept and not question the same? It is so bloody annoying, to fight such systems that function on DOUBLE STANDARDS.

Intimation of Regret: Why do majority of organizations not intimate a potential candidate if one is not selected(must one wait endlessly)? Doesn't basic courtesy demand so? Unfortunately, such is the case in an arranged marriage scenario, as well. A Tamil saying that reads "Mownam Samadham" which means "Silence amounts to acceptance" works conversely here.

Shifting from rambling about work culture in India to People, their attitudes and complications....

No one is perfect, me included. Fidelity, lifestyle, opinion, etc are choices to be made in this democratic land while courtesy, basic manners and culture is an expectation(not a choice) from most anyone when you visit and stay at someone's place. It's after all not your place or your best buddy's place. Carry essential stuff like toiletries and sufficient cash(ever heard of the word - 'self respect'?), spare your hosts(after this experience can't wait to watch 'Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge') the use of fowl language(at least consider their age, generation, background), stop making CONTRADICTING, BLANKET statements. Introspect, go get a life!

I can rant away about several such instances, but it's a big bad world and discussing such people, ain't worth your time or mine. Realization of people around and the self (introspection) seems to be creeping in. I believe the outcome, are several valuable lessons learnt(one being: Be your own best friend, expect nothing from anyone whatsoever) and with that I take a break from rambling (cribacious and critical that I am) for the temporary present.


fitnessfreak said...

Agree with you! never never expect anything from anyone! love thyself! :-)

worldlywise said...

duniya gol hai

Miniscule-thoughts said...

hmmm :(
As much as I hate to admit it (given that I AM FROM the HR fraternity), I couldn't have agreed more on what a bunch of morons we are when it comes to the basics.


("Aren't the HR of an organisation exasperating enough for employees to handle and sustain?"

ahem, :-P )

Trauma Queen said...

wow this this fighter spirit in you!