Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What is your Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprints and Global Trade, opening up of an economy go hand in hand. With all the research and scientists around did we not realize that in the process of making life simple using electronic goods and producing tetra packs amongst the several other carbon generating products that this would harm the climate and result in Global Warming?

All over the place, all you read is - Go Green, plant saplings, use earthern pots in place of refrigerators, opt for car pools, use cloth/jute bags instead of plastic, switch off your computer and other elctronic gadgets while not using them instead of putting them on the standby mode, reduce your refrigerator's temparture during winter, etc.

How many of us will stringently follow this? Where have we got ourselves and what will we really do about it?

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

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