Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dhriti Bhatia - The Wonder Kid

I don't usually spend a lot of time in front of the idiot box but try not to miss Jai Shri Krishna on Colors not for the story of lord Krishna but purely to watch the child star Dhriti Bhatia. This toddler is not just cute, adorable and a bundle of joy but a splendid actress at the age of three(she started acting when she was 2yrs and 10months old).

I do hope the kid is not over worked and has enough time to play and be her normal self. Watch the small wonder in action on YouTube. Here she is all set for the shoot!


goldmine said...


I absolutely agree with you. Now I don't get to see her in the TV so I started watching for something about her in the net... my God, had no idea, like me there are so many who has fallen in love with her and she is absolutely amazing to watch. God bless her. I hope I get to watch her in something else as beautifully she portrayed this character.

anu said...

hi i am anu from chennai, i love jai shree krishna so much because for the fact that it is the story of lord krishna but also for this cute and adorable child dhrithi, she is a sheer pleasure to watch her on screen, god bless her and hope to see her more in the coming years.

aooton said...

om, little Krishna actress