Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The IRCTC Website

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What with the world wide web enabling e-commerce, we'd love to book tickets and plan our travel at the comfort of our homes but invariably the Indian Railways website(IRCTC) is always down. The IRCTC site is meant to be of convienence to the public while it acts otherwise, more often than not. Patience(an understatement) and perseverance are the keys to using this site. There is no denying that I have used the site umpteen times to plan my travel yet often feel that travelling physically to the ticket booking counter will produce a faster result than using the railway website.

Why can't we use this boon(the internet) to it's optimum with better planning and no resource crunches?


Raaga said...

I've been using the site for at least 6 years or so now... and I've never had an issue to date. Whenever there's been an error, I've got a call and been told exactly what I need to do... and they refund the money immediately for any erronous transactions.

Unless I don't have a printer handy and cannot wait for the physical ticket to reach me... I would never go to the railway booking counter.

I think its just fate for you :)

popsie said...

@Raaga:Lucky you! Phone call?!Never heard of that, so far. That's probably cos you are based in Gurgaon. That reminds me, I forgot to mention that they don't have a toll free number, there call center is based out of Delhi to add to the problem. Yes, as for refund of erroneous transactions, I do agree and appreciate the same.

Anonymous said...

Man, i feel the irctc initiative strated out as a great program. But given my recent two experiences, i would prefer going to the counter and booking a ticket, atleast that will guarantee the seat that I want. The first time I went online on irctc, I made a booking plus payment and then the site crashed. Giving me creepers later was that there was a debit on my credit card. However no worries there as my money was refunded within 3 business days. The next stuff focuses on a question - "Why is it that even if u book a ticket 3 months in advance, they allot u a seat near the loo? Tell me Why, Tell me Why". Also now dont get me started on how difficult it is to book a berth for 6 folks and trying to keep them together especially while booking online...I am just going to go to the counter from now, even if it means wasting time. I feel the railways can do more with this website...